Hints & Tips

All electrical systems degrade for different reasons over time. They also outdate themselves as each new edition of the regulations is introduced. For this reason it is very important to have regular inspections on your property to ascertain the health of your installation. All domestic properties should have an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out every ten years or change of occupancy and every five years or change of occupancy if the property is let. Below are a few tips for you to check yourself to see how up to date your installation is.

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Main Earth Bonding

Often overlooked, Main earth bonding is a very important part of an installation. So much so that no electrical work of any sort can be carried out by an electrician if it is not present. All incoming services should be bonded as near as possible to where they enter the property.

Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

These were installed on TT earthing systems ( use an earth stake ) in the 50’s till the 70’s. These have been superceeded by RCD’s as they can malfunction under certain conditions and therefore are inadequate for protection. Many different types were used but the tell tale sign of one is earthing cables entering the top or bottom of the unit.

Rewirable Fuses

Although still permissible, rewirable fuses are far from the ideal choice for electrical fault disconnection. Apart from being inconvenient, they have been replaced by mcb’s which are a resettable mechanical version. Not only this but they should also be protected further more by an RCD. If you have one of these consumer units in one of its many forms then it is recommended it be updated, especially if it supplies an electric shower or any external circuit.